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India has seen an unprecedented rise in spiritual events, which are being conducted on a very large scale and attract tens of thousands of peace and happiness seekers.

These can be very complex events, since they involve internationally acclaimed spiritual gurus, very high profile disciples, industry, political leaders and the common man, all coming together for one powerful experience.

Such events need excellent concepts, executed action plans that are spread across weeks and sometimes months of efforts. They involve immaculate planning, foolproof security, easy movement of participants, ideal set up for learning, seamless service of food and right choice of cultural entertainment.

Mindz has been entrusted with many such events involving spiritual leaders like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Brahma Rishi Sri Guruvanand, Param Pujya Acharya Sree Yug Bhushan Maharaj, and Param Pujya Pansayas Pravar Naye PadmaSagar Maharaj among others.

  • Guru Poornima Celebration
  • Sacche Sukh
    Ki Rah Par...
  • Jain Deeksha
    Vidai Samaroh

The World Spiritual Forum based out of Tirupati organized Guru Poornima celebration event, on a large scale for over 7000 seekers in Palace Grounds at Bangalore. Team Mindz was assigned the task to collaborate with various agencies, create an unparallel spiritual experience for the seekers and to help the devotees get the blessing of Brahma Rishi Shree Guruvanandji Maharaj on the auspicious occasion.

The event started at 7pm, and went on till 6 AM of the next day and was extremely well received by all devotees. The highlight was the modern stage setup, which blended well with the cultural ethos of India. A large LED wall was used to display some amazing visuals by our video jockey. The event also showcased dancers, musicians and speakers from across the nation.

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Even as many youngsters grapple with what they want to become in life, few like Nirmal Sanghvi understood that the real happiness - one which is ‘ever growing and never ending’, cannot be found in this materialistic world and thus he chose to lead a life of a Jain Sadhu.

His desire was that before he renounced the material world, he wanted people to know the science and logic behind his choice. He engaged us (Team Mindz) to design an event that had an intellectual appeal and could inspire event attendees.

We planned an event which had two parts. The first was a theater act, which was based on the concept of Jain Deeksha and was performed by India’s leading artists. The next part was conceptualized as a chat show with Deeksharti Nirmal that involved many live examples, exercises, analogies and stories. These experiences illustratd the many paradoxes, complexities of our lives and how the choice of right path can bring about long lasting change. These can stay with us for many lives to come.

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What clients are saying

  • It was a great experience to work with Mindz Productionz for the Jain Deeksha - Vidai Samaroh event of Kum. Diksha. I am proud to say that Team Mindz conceptualized and delivered a world class event, which was held at Bangalore’s historical venue - the Freedom Park.

    This very special spiritual event was planned to educate and inspire people to think about ‘renunciation of the world’, as one of the most important choices of life. The intent is driven by power and not regret, which is derived from the ultimate principle of Ahimsa, Aparigrah and Anekantwaad.

    On behalf of the entire family and Jain community, I would like to thank Team Mindz, for their selfless efforts and endless energy in making this once-in-a-lifetime occasion very memorable for all of us!

    Dilip Pirgal Program Head
    Proprietor, Revaz Diamonds, Bangalore
  • Team Mindz managed the event in a beautiful way, treating it as their own. Great effort went into planning minute details, with the utmost respect and precision. The event was a moment of pride for all of us and Team Mindz made in a memorable one. Thanks for executing everything flawlessly.

    Jeetesh Jain Secretary,
    Kalyan Mitra Pariwar
  • Thank you for being a part of the GuruBhakt family. Team Mindz helped us in conceptualizing and executing another fabulous event. This was important and special occasion on ‘Guru Poornima’, which attracted devotees from all around the world. God Bless you all!

    Mahendra Daftari Vishwa Dharam Chetana Manch